Make Greater Efforts Project

Well I’ve done so many things which I’d decided to do last night. Really. I even got hair cut and now I have short hair, it’s been like 14-5 years since I started to grow my hair so it’s really refreshing and I’m feeling like it was a rebirth.

It was my 1st day of “Make Greater Efforts” project.
Like, walking for more than 30 mins, do chores as much as possible, especially cooking, not going to cafe to write stuff (you know, it costs), decrease the amount of cigarettes to smoke, and, and, well, I’ve done 98% of them.

However, since I was trying to do be my best, I fell asleep at around 18:00, when I was supposed to cook the dinner. Oh well.

And the problem is, I couldn’t write my essays and novels AT ALL because I was focused on housekeeping too much. Meh, this is the point which I’d modify tomorrow.

He hasn’t replied my mail yet. He said it’d take time to hit me back, but promised me to answer. Well, see what’s gonna happen.



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