Alright, Light-M, You’re The Top

Thanks to the Light guy, my novel has been going pretty good.

Now I’m at the cafe with my husband and taking a break. Feeling quite great, very calm, and yet busy thinking about next move on the novel.

I confess, I’ve got a flashback of ANOTHER light.
The light which saved my life 10 years ago, and never disappeared still. Let me call him light-M here.
I’d had a HUGE crush on M when we’d met 10 years ago and it’d lasted for like 6 or 7 years. However, we are still…not keeping in touch though, well, know each other, I’d say.

The light-M has been fucking glowing all the time. Twinkles. Like a sunshine that too shiny to even give a glance. I’ve been attracted his brightness. But I has been thinking that I actually graduated from it, until I had a flashback.

After the flashback has gone and somehow I chilled, I’ve realized that HOW THE LIGHT GUY I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT IS SMALL.

I’ve met the Light guy just a month ago. On the other side, light-M, 10 years. Wow!

So, thanks to, or due to the flashback, now I can think like that the Light guy is no big deal. Really. It’s a bit funny because I even had a suicide ideation for thinking of him! Because I’m married and he’s so young! HAHAHA then What? Light-M has been the TOP of my mind and has been glowing like hell for 10 years and he IS still! The Light guy is juts a light! A small, beautiful, pretty and nice and comfortable one!



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